Friday, January 21, 2011

A review from a customer

Rocky River Leather Mini Avenger
I recently received a Mini Avenger horsehide holster for a Glock 17 from Rocky River Leather and thought I would stop in to share my thoughts on it. First of all I am by no means an expert on leather or holsters but I do know what works for me, that being said I will try to do this product justice as best I can.
Some friends and I get together from time to time and head to a spot out in the middle of no where to shoot and just have a good time. Usually we set up a little course of fire where we can use our rifles and pistols in one run. I always carry a Glock in a Fobus retention holster. This time though I took it out in the Mini Avenger. At first I was worried that amidst all the running, crouching, starts and stops that the horsehide wouldn't be able to hold the gun... I was wrong, it did just fine, which impressed the heck outta me. In comparison to my usual rig this holster holds the gun closer to the body which puts less stress on the belt to help keep it from bouncing around so much. The overall feel of it is just robust. The stitching is heavier than anything I have ever seen, but not only that, it is also doubled up in high stress areas like around the front of the trigger guard. There is also a throat around the mouth to keep it from closing up while the gun is out, and it makes re-holstering a easy one handed process. Did I mention the thing is just downright Censored? It actually makes my Glock a little less ugly while it's ridin around,Laugh thats a feat within itself. I am pleased with the holster and Dave at Rocky River is very pleasant to work with and I hope to go back to him for all my leather needs. Thumbsup Bear with me on the pics; my camera pooped out on me so it may be a while before I get any up. 

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